Stand up Paddling ('supping') is the latest board sport. You can take a start-up course with us, including theory about currents, posture and safety. You first get balance exercises on flat water and learn the paddle technique and then you try to drive the first wave or simply cruising on the open sea.

€ 45 for a private lesson

€ 35, - pp (for 2 people)

€ 30, - pp (for 3 people)

€ 25, - pp (from 4 persons)

Suppen can only learn when the waves are not too high. Register / info via .


Surfschool Bergen aan Zee is located next to / at the pavilion De Jongens Bergen aan Zee. De Jongens is known as a cozy and contemporary beach pavilion in the popular Bergen aan Zee. In addition, our unique surf school completes the offer.

The boys Bergen aan Zee